Budding broadcaster visits the studios

A 16-year-old boy, who is a keen future broadcaster attended Cambridgeshire’s newest radio station, Black Cat 107 on Tuesday evening.
Ross Watchman, who is from Fenstanton, paid a visit to the St Neots based local radio station, during their specialist show featuring country music with presenter Pierre Petrou.
Ross, who attends a special educational needs sixth form college at Cottenham is autistic and has already broadcast his own programmes at the campus.
However, you may be surprised to learn that this budding broadcaster is a huge fan of music from the 1960s and 70s with a vinyl collection of over 400 seven-inch singles dating back to the 1950s!
Ross says, “I tend to prefer older music because the words are more meaningful and the songs are easier to understand.”
He added, “I simply enjoy everything about radio and would love to be a presenter when I’m older.”
The visit was organised through Ross’s aunt who knows local DJ and radio presenter Pierre Petrou.
Ross set up ‘Cottenham Sixth Form Radio’ at the college during the autumn term, with the technical support of his tutors. Ross presents various shows at different times of the day at the college, which he attends five days a week. He plays all types of music from across the decades which includes knowledge that he has gained through a regular study of popular music, listening to a variety of radio stations and the internet.
Talking about his experience of broadcasting at the sixth form, Ross said, “Being able to entertain and share my passions with fellow students through the power of radio is an absolute pleasure and it really creates a boom in the atmosphere we all share at the college”.
Pierre Petrou from Black Cat 107 added, “Ross is full of enthusiasm and was really interested in everything from the technical side of things, right through to content and presentation. With such interest at his age, I’m sure that he will go far.”
Black Cat 107 is St Neots local community radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day on 107FM and online at www.blackcat107.fm
Co-Director of Black Cat Radio Ste Greenall said, “As a community radio station, we are more than just entertaining the people of St Neots and surrounding villages, and more than promoting local businesses and organisations. Working directly with the young people from the area is about ‘giving back’ and hopefully contributing to helping the next generation work in the world of radio and media.”

Ross Watchman with Black Cat 107’s Pierre Petrou.

March 9, 2018