It’s our first FM birthday!

The Community Radio station for St.Neots and the surrounding area, Black Cat 107, celebrates another milestone on Tuesday April 17th– the first anniversary of broadcasting on 107FM from its studios in the town.

The station plays an important role within the community of St.Neots, acting as a conduit for information about the constant and exciting events that are taking place, and increasing awareness of the many groups and organisations within the town.

Tony Gillham started the radio station to celebrate his 40 years in radio and to give newcomers a chance to get into broadcasting.

Tony said, “The station first broadcast on 07.07.07 (ironic we were given 107!!!) Our online service has been running for nearly ten years now and stats show that we have almost 13,000 regular listeners (and that’s just online)”.

The station operates as a not-for-profit company using the services of nearly 30 volunteers.

Over the 107 days following its birthday, the station is giving away lots of prizes centred around prize draw leaflets that are being distributed around the town. The prizes have been generously donated by local businesses. In addition, there will be on-air competitions throughout the period.

Tony added, “This first year on 107FM has been an outstanding success thanks to the loyalty of the volunteers and support of local advertisers. The station has big development plans for the year ahead and is always looking for new volunteers and supporters”.

April 17, 2018