Men IN General

A series of quality arts events for the market towns and villages and put on in our local libraries and organised by the County Council (Funded by Arts Council England) opened last week with a magic show in the St Neots Library – and there’s lots more to come this Spring! 
On March 3rd Men IN General will be in our area and this Tuesday will be speaking to Ernie Almond on Black Cat 107
Men In General mix à cappella classics with comedy, advice on relationships, fashion, home baking, car parking and the tender side of Man. Includes highly interactive flights of fancy. Fast-moving and funny.
A four-piece force of male vocal antics not to be missed. The show features indoor parachute jumping, a road movie, a painting by Edward Hopper, unusual hobbies, a pub at midnight and mistakes anyone could make.
February 19, 2018