Andy Hollinshead

Hi, I’m Andy Hollinshead and you know how Black Cat 107 have that really funny breakfast DJ, and the outstanding afternoon DJ….well, I’m the bloke from Wednesday night –  Apparently Wednesday night is where radio stations put their top DJs.

For me, Wednesday night on Black Cat 107 is all about making radio fun – but it’s also about telling some great stories and for just a short moment every week it’s about  getting people to just stop  and think about stuff.

I was delighted to be invited to broadcast for Black Cat 107 because I feel it is one of the best community radio stations in the country, and I feel that I am doing the best radio of my life here. The reason for that is I have to compete with so many great DJs on Black Cat 107. From the moment you wake up and hear Ste Greenall on the breakfast show you know Black Cat 107 means business.

Whether you are listening on FM in St Neots, on DAB+ in Cambridge, on the app, on the website, or maybe on Alexa I hope I’m going to get your foot tapping to some brilliant music.